Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter update nearly two weeks late!

I never shared our Easter weekend!
And I'll also catch yall up to speed some...
Seriously, Easter weekend was one of the best!
Friday night we spent it shopping for a last minute Easter outfit for Kie (because the one I had planned was too warm--a sweater vest!) and then we had a relaxing dinner in...take out! (no mess for momma!)
Then Saturday we had one of the BEST Easter egg hunts at our church.

What was so nice is that they sectioned it off by age---so Kie was able to hunt eggs with babies his age.
SO nice, because I was worried about babies getting trampled on.
And wow was Kie on a MISSION!
I didn't think he would care so much about "gathering eggs" but instead he LOVED it.
In fact, I counted and he got more than 40 eggs!
Shouldn't that be a record for a 17 month old?

Kie is like his momma, and OCD--so I think he viewed the eggs as something to pick up....haha!
Also he got to meet the Easter Bunny--and Kie LOVED waving to him and saying Hi! But as soon as Kie got close to him for a picture, well he kinda freaked out! It was hilarious! I mean, I kinda thought the Bunny was a bit unnerving as well. I mean, look at his creepy tilted head and scary over-sized carrot!

Saturday night after we got home, we dyed our very own Easter eggs! It was so much fun because Kie loved putting stickers and decorations on the eggs.

Then Sunday morning the Easter bunny came and left Kie a basket full of goodies..AND A POTTY!
Yep, Kie baby will be potty training soon.
In fact, we have already started getting him accumulated to his new "tee tee spot".

We then all got dressed up and went to church--and the service was so beautiful! Seriously, Easter is about JESUS--not the Egg hunts, the Easter baskets or the Dove Chocolate bunnies....

I love our Church and our wonderful preacher--and man did he delivery Easter Sunday!
We then headed over to our friend's beautiful house in Westlake Hills--for some delicious tacos and drinks on their amazing patio.
We spent a good few hours, eating, talking and enjoying the beautiful day God made!
Kie was the center of attention since he was the only baby there--and he had a blast playing with the puppies outside.

That night Justin and I grilled burgers on our back deck and enjoyed some MUCH needed couple time once Kie went down.
And wow, after a long day playing he was OUT!

Easter was perfect. Such a wonderful, beautiful peaceful time to reflect with our loved ones....

**My family was all in Dallas over the weekend and we weren't able to make it there to see them--so spending it with church friends was the next BEST thing!
Otherwise, I'd of LOVED to been with all my family.

Regardless, the weekend was a blessing!

I have SO many exciting posts to come, stay tuned!

Until next time,


lots of eggs! 

making friends as usual!

such a little boy face! 

ready for church :)

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