Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shutterfly's Holiday Promotion!!

So I had to share this great promotion with Shutterfly with my readers because this IS the season to share with friends and family how life has been going for you this year!

Plus Shutterfly has some great stuff for presents!  I had used their site to make some original Valentine gifts a year or two ago.  I made this really cute keepsake box with a picture on the front.  I loved it!  I am wanting to make something for Justin's mom with a picture of our sweet baby.  Maybe a mug or even a book of photos?

Or even this adorable Christmas ornament! Perfect for new additions ;) Or family pets!
Ah! I think I found the rest of our Christmas presents!
I am going to use the promotion for some baby announcements!
I'm excited to pick out the details for them!
There are some really cute options!
I'm still debating if we should just do regular baby announcements or do our Christmas cards?
What do yall suggest?
I'm including all the links to make your own gifts, cards or calendars!

·         Christmas cards to
·         holiday photo cards to   
·         upload pictures to
·         calendars to  
·         Hanukkah cards to
·         Choose your favorite product from our Cards & Stationery page

I will post our HOLIDAY Baby announcements once I create them! 

Hope yall enjoy Shutterfly as much as I do.

It's great for last minute gifts

Until next time,

happy creating ;)

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