Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm seeing a loved trend that many of the blogs I follow do on Wednesdays....basically Wednesdays you take a break from your normal daily grind and post the things you love and are grateful for!

I think this is a great thing to do because we all should be mindful and gracious for our blessings!
And right now when I'm feeling as large as a couch, weighing nearly as much as my husband does, breaking out all over my face, have a sink full of dirty dishes (and no desire to get to them) and loads of clean clothes to fold....

Maybe I should look at the bright side of things!
And yes, being so large--with my belly button that went from being an innie to being not exactly an outtie, but a flattie? maybe today is a day I need to focus on the POSITIVES!

SO....Here's what I LOVE today!

1. I love that I'm officially FULL term!
Lord a mercy I made it!

That means my little man should be fully developed and mature to make his appearance anytime!
That has given me peace of mind, (to some degree!) ;)

The lungs are the last thing to be fully matured on a baby, and by 37 weeks gestation Baby Kie should have his lil lungs ready to go!

But like I've said, I want him to stick around as long as he needs to! Mommy wants him to come when he is ready!

2. I love that tomorrow is Justin's birthday!

I am mildly obsessed with my sweet man. And I'm glad he has a day ALL to himself to celebrate. We don't have much planned for tomorrow besides me making him dinner and a cake! (And a few gifts I stashed away) But I plan on pampering him as best I can, since he's been so great to me ALL 9 months (and then some of course!)
--Friday we do have plans to celebrate with friends and family, so hopefully that will be a good night and I'll be feeling great. If not, I do plan on going home and letting Justin stay with his friends and family to celebrate. And besides, I will have him ALL to myself tomorrow night :)

3. I love that tomorrow our COLD front is coming through!

78°F | 46°F

Yes--I realize that to most people 70 degrees is not a cold front. BUT in Texas---when the

high isn't in the 80's or 90's then you get excited!

And check out that LOW for tomorrow night? 46 degrees! That means I will be outside sitting in the backyard, dreaming of bundling up Baby Kie and enjoying the nights with NO mosquitoes! And Soon to be HOT TUBBING with the Honey! Hello Fall/Winter Days!

4. I love that I already started stocking up on Christmas scents.

As soon as November rolls around, I'm one of those annoying people that starts using apple cinnamon and mistletoe in place of the pumpkin scents.
--No, I don't decorate for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving, BUT I definitely set the mood for the Holidays a bit early. Hehehe

5. I love, LOVE, love Neutrogena Rain Bath shower wash!

I'm definitely a gal that loves her scents and I definitely have a long list of scents that I adore---and this is one of them!

I say I love this scent today because I took one of the most heavenly baths today--and I seriously use a million squirts of this soap on my loofa!

The reason I love this smell (besides it being wonderful and perfect) is because when I was little and I'd go camping with my mom and dad, we would have to use the public/community bathrooms. So my mom would always pack us up our shower stuff in a Ziploc bag and she always had a travel size bottle of Neutrogena Rain Bath.
And it always felt so good to get cleaned up after a day or two camping! I remember shuffling over to the bathroom on dark nights with my mom, wearing my bathing suit and flip flops. And I started to associate the body wash smell with camping and spending time around the campfire with my parents.

(The camp ground community bathroom was not a lovely memory, instead I remember showering often times with Daddy Long legs spiders.)

ANYWAY--I hadn't used the bath wash in YEARS until this past May. While at our wedding in Cabo and our Honeymood...I noticed the shower gel that the resort provided was the Neutrogena Rain Bath!

So once we got back to Texas--I bought every bottle I could find. Including a massive 40 ounce bottle at Costco and at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I have 4 bottles of this stuff! And one packed away in my hospital bag for that much needed shower after labor and delivery.

I have been obsessed with this scent since we were 'reunited' again this past May. So yes, it is a scent of great memories and times--from camping with my parents to that wonderful, blessed week in Cabo with the love of my life.

AHHH I'm going to go smell it now!

I'm telling you, even if it wasn't connected to those memories, I'd still love it! It's the best! (And kinda hard to find!--so that's why I stock up!)

It's 10 minutes till midnight which will be Justin's official birthday---but he told me not to wake him up to wish him a great one, sooo I think I'll just wrap this up with good thoughts and gratefulness for him!

I am also going to go put out his new travel coffee mug out and his B-DAY card.
Since I don't plan on waking up with him to make him breakfast (like a great wife would)! I mean, hello I am big and prego and a NIGHT yes, I sleep during some of the day and lurk around at night.

It's what pregnancy does to you. It turns you NOCTURNAL.

At least he'll have a card and a new mug for his coffee :)

I'll be posting tomorrow if there is any new NEWS to be updated from the doctor!

Otherwise, I'll post after the weekend!

Until then :) sleeplessly yours!


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  1. I will have to try that scent. I love good soaps that smell good!!!

    I hope that Justin has a happy happy birthday!! Yall have a great weekend celebrating.

    I'm soo excited to see baby Kie!! He is going to be soo adorable!! I'm sure he will be here very very soon! :)


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