Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love, Love and Love

Today is the start of my 35 weeks as I sit here rubbing my big belly.  I always joke around to Justin to feel how 'hard my abs are'.  It's crazy, I feel like I have a little boulder attached to my body.  As crazy as this may seem, I'm going to miss being pregnant.  I love seeing myself in tight shirts with my bulging belly.

I mean, how many times in a woman's life can we embrace a full, round big belly?  I also will miss Kie kicking me, even when his little foot gets stuck in my ribs.

So this past weekend went so good.  (Well, as good as it can go for a 34/35 week pregnant woman.)
Saturday morning we left for Galveston, it was almost a 4 hour drive.  But surprisingly it went well.  We didn't even turn on the radio all the way up there or back.  We just enjoyed good quality conversation.  I know I see Justin everyday, but sometimes you can get stuck in a routine.  And I think the road trip just gave us sometime to have good quality talk.  We also took our time getting there because every hour or so I had to stop to stretch my legs/go the bathroom.

Anyway, we got to Galveston and it was so beautiful!  I hadn't been there since 2005 (for a cruise).  I guess I was expecting the worse because I'm use to the beaches in Florida, the Caribbeans, and Mexico.
Now, Texas beaches aren't amazing, but they were pretty!  I think we went at a great time in the year/season because it was cooler and less humid.  And there was no seaweed :)

We met up with all my family and I introduced Justin to some people he hadn't met (family I see once every 2 years or so).  And while everyone went to get ready for the rehearsal dinner on a yacht!! We went to dinner together on the Seawall, at Fish Tales.  It was delicious and definitely fulfilled my seafood cravings! We missed the rehearsal dinner because  I wasn't sure being on a boat for 4 hours was ideal for me.  Luckily I heard I didn't miss out TOO much because it was pretty wavy and crowded.

That night Justin and I had the whole Galvez Hotel to ourself!  There were a few other wedding parties and a woman's 90th birthday party that we thought of crashing but instead we walked the beaches and spent some great time together. <3

Our Hotel

my cute husband

We ended up going to bed at 9pm! Haha! How sad is that?  I swear, 9pm felt like 12am!  I guess God is just getting me ready for NO sleep soon :)

Then Sunday, (10-10-10) we got up and had breakfast with all our family and friends.  And we even had a Seaside Church Service.  We did the Lord's Supper, sang, prayed and had a small devotional.  It felt so good!  I love church.  And having church with all the people I love and cherish most felt amazing!  I love my sweet God.  I know I don't deserve His love, but wow am I so grateful for His grace.

After the service we spent the afternoon on the beach, playing!  And then went to a late lunch with dad and all my siblings on the beach.

Uncle Justin and Amelia playing in the sand.
Lil Diva

my better half

the loves of my life

Then that night we went to Nikki and Colt's wedding.  It was so sweet and perfect!  Nikki was beautiful and Colt was so handsome!  Uncle Duke was the minister of the sermon and it couldn't of been better.  So glad we got to be there for it.  Then the reception started, and tho I wish I could of stayed up and partied with the rest of my family.  I was exhausted and I started feeling bad.  The loud music, flashing lights, all the things I use to love--were making me feel bad.  Lol.  How sad!?

So Justin, being the best husband there is,  got me a piece of each cake (Bride's and grooms') a cup of ice, and we went up to our room.  Once again, in bed and asleep by 10.  

I guess God is prepping me for the weeks and months ahead of NO sleep.  And so by 9pm, I'm ready to sleep.   All in all, the weekend went great.  Not too many contractions & I felt pretty decent most of the time.  And it's always wonderful to be with my family.  It was also nice being with my sweet husband and having a chance just to get out of town and focus on all the love and support we have around us.  

The next big thing on OUR calendar is having this baby boy.  I'm terrified, like I mentioned previously, but I'm also so ready for him to be here.  Pregnancy, tho it's been a blessing, has it's ups and downs.  I know, even with all the downs, I will miss being so close with my child.  It already has me thinking of the next baby. (If, God wants us to have one.) Seeing Justin with Amelia always reminds me that he's going to be one amazing father.  He is patient, loving, kind and just a natural with children.  I can't wait to see him when he gets to hold his son for the first time! :)

Well, I have SO much to do. All the laundry from this weekend. Tho thankfully Justin washed most of it for me last night while I was asleep, so just folding! And also getting the house back back to the Nazi clean way I like it.  (I'm so OCD) And a few errands to run and dinner to make tonight.

The only thing I gotta do in the next few weeks beside final touches/preparations for Kie is get Justin something amazing for his birthday at the end of the month.

I want to get him something great because I had been saving for awhile since now I'm not working.  His birthday is October 28th and last year I spoiled him.  But now that we are soon to be parents, we are more practical.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know.  I have a few ideas, but I don't know if Justin wants me splurging on him like I plan.  He told me to save my money and that Kie is his present.  

Oh sweet husband of mine!

Until next time,


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  1. That is so sweet what Justin says, sounds just like something Mark would say. Every time I buy him any thing, which is not a lot because he doesn't want me to, he always always tells me to save the money for myself "he doesn't need any thing". SO glad yall had fun and got to enjoy yourselves on a short trip before baby kie gets here. you are adorable pregnant even at 34 weeks!! I cant hardly wait to be pregnant. I think about it ALL THE TIME. Dream about it!! I know that is silly, but I just think it is the most amazing thing on this earth.


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