Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dress Rehearsal Thursday!

Today was one for the books!  Well probably not as exciting as the ACTUAL day.  But, today was exciting nonetheless!

So this morning I had an appointment w/my OB.

I woke up 45 minutes before my appointment and I turned on my iPod and danced!  I love to dance!  I wiggled around, dancing like a crazy person in my nightgown.  I love to dance, especially in front of a mirror when no one is around.  And I like to see how 'fluid' my body can be at  36 weeks pregnant.  Not so fluid ;) but I love dancing w/Kie and wiggling him around.  I'm sure I look like a nut, but you know what? No one see me.  But God.  And I think God made people like me for His amusement.

Anyway, after 15-20 minutes of dancing around the living room to random pop songs-- I got ready and got to the doctor.  All my dancing must of helped because I was 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced! PROGRESS! All those contractions weren't in vain!

Justin was with me :) And he informed us the great news that Kie would make his appearance in two weeks or less.  He scheduled me for the next week for my LAST sonogram and out the door I went.

I met up w/Sarah, Hannah, Aiden and baby Sydney at Barton Creek for some fun time/mall walking.  It was great seeing the 5 year old twins and precious 4 month old baby.  They were so sweet, well behaved and curious!  Being around Sarah and her 'babies' made me even more excited to be a mommy as well.  It's hard work, but seeing such beautiful "little people" in the making and knowing you contributed, must be a wonderful feeling :)

Anyway, after my time at the mall, I decided I should ask my two lovely nurse best friends about a embarrassing issue I was having.  It seemed to me, I was having problems controlling my bladder! Both my nurse friends, Rachel & Caitlin told me to call my doctor and inform him because it sounded like my water had broke.

After calling they told me to come back in to the doctor quickly.  The doctor examined me and he said it seemed from my story that my water did break, but he couldn't tell and the test came back negative.  He concluded I had a high tear in my placenta and that I was probably going into labor.
He admitted me into the hospital.  This was my 2nd time going to the L&D wing!  This time I was calm because Justin was by my side, and we had everything with us!  (Bags/laptop and all!)

I was monitored and the baby was checked.  He still had plenty of fluid in his sac, and my leak seemed to of stopped.  Though I was having more contractions, I lost my mucus plug (TMI, sorry!) and I was now 2 cm dilated.  Since I'm only 36 weeks they didn't want to induce me and discharged me to 'labor' at home.  I have enough fluid for the baby to be fine. And out the door I went.

It seemed kinda scary they dismissed me so soon, but oh well. What can I do?

So here I am, at home on bed rest!  (Actually on the couch, husband is sleeping in the bed) and I'm too afraid to sleep, thinking I'll wake up 8 cm dilated and too far to have an epidural! Lol.  But I am in labor, not an active labor, but definitely having contractions.

I still have my appointment for next week to see the doctor, but my mom predicts Kie will be here by this weekend.  I, personally don't know.  I am scared, but tonight at the hospital I was strangely calm.  I hope I am that calm the day/night of our big show!  I appreciate ALL the prayers and support I got.  And I probably won't be posting on Facebook when we are in labor because apparently everyone called my mother about tonight's status updates! Haha! Though she knew about it, she just got a lot of worried calls from friends and family!  So for the select few, I'll definitely call/text when it is official go time.

The rest will find out when Kie IS here.  :)

Btw, we saw Kie today!

He weighs around 6 lbs and 5 ounces.  And he is so cute. I love him.  He is also very kind and loves popsicles.

And whipped cream.

Those are your Kie facts for the day!

Well, I'm going to ATTEMPT sleep.  And see what this baby wants to do.  Hopefully he will stay put till 37 weeks.  Mom says he'll be here by the 23rd because it's a full moon and she had me and my two brothers all on a full moon!  Kinda creepy, but we'll see!

Lots of love from a tired mama and one silly little boy <3


Full moon over Austin
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  1. I hope I am one of the priveleged few who get a text/call! :) Can't wait to see cute little baby Kie. He is going to be adorable. Love you momma!


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