Friday, October 15, 2010

35 weeks

My life as a count down :)

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me.  Saw my doctor, not much to report.  Last week the nurse was concerned because I had lost a few pounds, but this week I guess it's all back on.  (My weekend full of fried seafood wonderfulness, did the trick!)  Baby is measuring a week bigger so a little over 36 weeks which I'm fine with, because a few weeks ago he was measuring 3 weeks bigger.  Sometimes I feel like they may of gotten the conception date off by a few weeks.  

Who knows?  I do have these urges where I want to go on walking marathons because I'd rather be the momma that has the baby ON time or near the due date, then over due.  I mean, there are days when I feel like I'm the Marshmallow man from I couldn't imagine how BIG I may feel if I go past 40 weeks. 

I love how Marshmallow Man's hat says "Stay Puft".  No thank you sir! I'm ready to be De-Puft!  
Right now tho, I am feeling pretty wonderful.  Maybe it's the cooler weather, the NO stress of having to work, or the worries of big events (besides the obvious) on my calendar.  

I also went to visit/interview another pediatrician yesterday.  I think I like this doctor/clinic better than the last one I visited because there are a lot of options for after hours care,  like an after hours clinic! And there are a lot of doctors available to you at the hospital when you need them.  They also will be there when baby Kie is born.  Something I definitely want!  

It is hard shopping around for doctors!  I never realized how much research has to go into it.  I have one more doctor I am looking at, but overall I think I found the place Baby Kie will be going.  Tho, I may add, the previous clinic I went to was amazing and gave you a baby bag full of swag!  This one, did not.  But, I think the overall clinic has a lot more options available if we need emergency care or just "first time parents"concerns.

Also yesterday I got to see a friend of mine that I haven't seen since I was 8-12 weeks pregnant.  She just found out a few weeks ago she is pregnant as well!  She had miscarried a few months back and quickly got pregnant again.  So I'm excited for her and also praying that this pregnancy will be a wonderful one for her.  

As for today I have plans to walk to the grocery store for new toothbrushes (since I ruined them the other day).  And maybe grab a few things for dinner tonight.  We are having one of our favorite couples over to carve pumpkins and play Apples to Apples.  (Thanks Kaitlin for the suggestion!)  And I'm doing a easy lasagna and salad for dinner.  And maybe another pumpkin pie!

I'm also meeting a new mom to be at Jovita's for a 'prego' happy hour.  I'm excited to be out being social again!  

Oh and I also ordered a delivery gown!  I'm hoping I get it here before Kie arrives!  (Surely I will, it's suppose to be here next week.)  Here it is!

I Dream of Sushi Labor & Delivery Gown-I Dream of Sushi Labor & Delivery Gown

It's called the "I Dream of Sushi" labor and delivery gown.  It has a slit in the back for an epidural, ties on the front that give your room to put monitors on and it's cheap, chic, and disposable!  And it's not an itchy hospital gown! (I found it on Amazon, $24)

I'm excited to wear it, because there's not many things glamourous about laboring but hopefully I'll feel better wearing something kinda cute.  

As for the weekend, Justin and I have tentative plans.  Tonight is game night with our friends, tomorrow I'm hoping we can run to Costco and get us a Christmas tree before they are all gone.  (Yes a fake one.)  And we still need a baby monitor.  I also want to check out a baby consignment shop down the street from us on Lamar.  More so to browse. 

And I am planning a picnic.  The weather is just so beautiful these days I want to take advantage of our 'alone time', while we can.  Maybe another lunch on top of Mt. Bonnell, or even a picnic at Zilker.    Also, we gotta watch Texas play.  And I am praying that Texas can redeem ourselves, tho Nebraska is pretty good this year.  I'm not holding my breath, but I'm also NO fair weathered fan, so Hook 'Em!

Sunday we have church :) And I'm always excited for that.

Hopefully our weekend will go smooth sailing.  Here's to hoping it does! 

Love and blessings (and lots and lots of little kicks from Kie!)


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