Sunday, August 22, 2010


Just thought I'd give yall a few snap shots of what's been going on this week.

Pictures from Justin's trip in Canada (for work) and from him being home working on ONE of our many home improvement projects!

Niagara Falls

sexy husband

More Toronto

He has a lot of pictures, I will probably just put the rest on Facebook!

Canada was beautiful Justin said and the weather was great.  His only complaint was it was very expensive!  I, personally would of loved to of been with him on his week in Canada, but I had to work.

And lastly, pictures of Justin and his current project!

Torn apart hall way (ceiling)

Justin applying new plaster to the new sheet rock in halls. (Also got new doors)

He is such a DIY man! No project is too much for him :) Currently he keeps whistling the "no worries, be happy song"--just the chorus, over and over.  A little annoying, but hey--he's in a great mood so I'm not going to say a thing!

Well, until next time! I will hopefully have pictures of the finished hallway (and new doors) and paint.  Justin replaced 4 doors in our hallway and re-sheet rocked everything and now we have to run to our favorite store, Home Depot, for some paint.

He will also be texturizing the walls himself :)

Another home improvement project nearly complete! Happy Sunday!


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